Sandra Meier

Your naturopathic practitioner Sandra Meier

For many years I have been dealing with naturopathy. I have read many books, attended lectures by experienced therapists and doctors and participated in many seminars.
But since all this was ultimately a lot of individual methods without any great concept, I decided in 2013 to start a proper, complete, self-contained training to become a natural naturopath TEN.

I keep on training so that I can offer you even more help

I finished this successfully in 2017. At the beginning I had a very small practice at my home. However, this changed with a rapidly increasing number of patients. That’s why I opened my own practice in early 2018.

Since I have always been very happy to help people, I can now fully live it out in my job.

Hobby: In the summer, gather wild herbs, medicinal plants and use them to make tinctures, salves and teas.

Curriculum Vitae


First training in phytotherapy



First training in nutrition, sports and health



Further Education Phytotherapy



Further Education Phytotherapy


Beginning of training as naturopathic practitioner TEN (Traditional European Naturopathy)



Examination, diploma, health insurance recognition



Opening of own practice

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