Ancient knowledge still up to date

Medicinal plants have been used successfully for many hundreds of years for many diseases. There is the right little plant for almost every problem.

Already Hildegard von Bingen or the herb priest Künzle have set up their therapy on phytotherapy and successfully helped many sick people.

The genius of this form of therapy is that it can be administered in many ways.


For every problem there is the right plant

You can make a tea from the plants and enjoy them according to the recipe. If you have to go fast and you do not like tea, there are many plants also as tincture. A few drops at the right dose are often enough.

Or are you someone who prefers juices? There are many plants available as fresh plant juice for drinking.

Of course, you can also combine these different forms with each other. Or, depending on the symptoms, they can also be applied externally.

You see, the phytotherapy is really very versatile and suitable for virtually anyone.